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        Working Toward a Brighter Future

        Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to produce and deliver energy to our customers that’s reliable, affordable and increasingly clean. That’s where sustainability comes in. It’s more than a word at Duke Energy  it’s the key to our success in the 21st century. The decisions we make today that affect our “triple bottom line” – people, the planet and profits – will determine our long-term prospects as a company. We see promising signs in our performance, but a lot of work remains.

        Our Four Areas of Focus

        We focus our efforts to become a more sustainable company
         in these four areas.

        • CUSTOMERS Improve the lives of our customers and vitality of our communities

        • GROWTH Grow and adapt the business and achieve our financial objectives

        • OPERATIONS Excel in safety, operational performance and environmental stewardship

        • EMPLOYEES Develop and engage employees and strengthen leadership

        Sustainability in Action

        Explore more about what sustainability means to the way we work each day.

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